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Arizona Respiratory Development Specialist (ARDS) was started to initiate change in the respiratory world.  We are more than nebulizer jockeys and trauma junkies. At ARDS, our focus is on developing the respiratory workforce by understanding what makes us productive and how to retain staff.  Through different services, ARDS can get your respiratory department staff retentive and the morale up.  With a personalized strategic plan, we will optimize your department to make you revenue strong and have lifelong employees.

If you're a Respiratory Therapist looking to gain more knowledge or are in need of a certification, give me a call and let's get you taken care of.  If you’re a Respiratory Department looking to make a difference, let's talk about how to start. With almost two decades in healthcare, a decade in respiratory therapy, a master's degree in healthcare administration, and no quit attitude; your department will be running like a well-oiled machine.  Let ARDS help you become productive and provide the best quality care for your patients.  All while fostering the work environment that will hurt people to leave.  

Arizona Respiratory Development Specialist are here to serve you! 

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